Aerial Inspections

Skyhawk Aerial Imaging Ltd provide high definition video and photography for roof top inspection purposes through utilising Unmanned Aviation Systems (drones).
Any roof top defects that are left unchecked may deteriorate over time and the additional expense caused from future damage both internally and externally could prove extremely expensive to rectify. We provide the following two services.

Maintenance Inspections:

Every detail of the roof, regardless of size, is filmed for inspection purposes in 4K HD resolution and saved for record purposes. The footage can then be viewed at leisure and any defects identified. We can also arrange to work with contractors who may require an immediate live image download to pinpoint certain areas of concern, the service is flexible.

Roof Surveys: (Recorded roof inspection with Surveyors report).

If a roof survey is required Skyhawk Aerial Imaging use fully qualified Chartered Surveyors to compile survey reports. Upon receipt of the survey the surveyor is available to discuss the report in further detail if or when required.

Benefits - There are many benefits to using Skyhawk Aerial Imaging to carry out roof top inspections, they include:

Minimal Disruption:

There is no need for any raised platforms or scaffolding to be erected around the property which in turn removes any obstructions that may result.

The added visual inconvenience is also no longer an issue if the property is part of the service industry and still wishes to remain operational.

Due to the advanced technology within Skyhawk drones the actual flight time can be as little as 1 hour in comparison to the more time consuming manual methods available. All necessary footage is obtained for editing with minimal impact to the day to day running of the business.

High Quality Imaging:

The images supplied by Skyhawk Aerial Imaging are 4k resolution in video and photograph format. This means that any contractor that views the presented footage will understand exactly what remedial work, if any, is needed.

The footage is presented on a USB pen stick so there is a permanent record of the inspection. The footage is filmed approximately 3 – 5 meters away from the roof surface and is done so in a systematic manner to allow for easy navigation.


It may be that due to the size and design of the roof that certain areas are extremely difficult to inspect through more conventional methods and in turn will incur additional costs to overcome the problem.

Skyhawk Aerial Imaging are able to access any area of the roof and obtain images that are not at all compromised due to the location.

Health & Safety:

The health & safety benefits of using drone technology for inspections are obvious. No people, scaffolding or ladders in the air for large periods of time means that the risks are heavily reduced. For the short period the drone is in the air it is operated by fully qualified pilots. The technology has numerous safety features built in which together with professional risk assessments minimizes any risk.